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Eliminate Enemies…!

Posted: December 18, 2008 in Mozilla Firefox

Hi Friends,

Don’t scold me for writing about Add-ons time and time again. This particular Firefox Add-on , Web of Trust is too essential to browse. We all know that many sites are as harmful as girlfriends! How do we know a site’s reliability? This Add-on is the optimum solution for our long-term worries !

Web of Trust has three colour-separated classifications on websites. Green indicates high reliability. Yellow represents caution whereas Red denotes danger.

The most significant point about this Add-on is , its indications are available next to Google and other search engine’s results.

Just click the following to install.

Have a safe browsing !!!!!


Picture Perfect

Posted: December 14, 2008 in Mozilla Firefox

I am elated to write about an Add-on feature by Mozilla Firefox for Gmail users. You can have all your email, webphotos and videos in one place. This feature is currently available for Mozilla Firefox users. It may be extended to the rest of the browsers in future.

Steps :

1.) Firefox users can download this Add-on from the following link:

2.) Visit

3.) Register with your Gmail Id and Gmail Password.

4.) Xoopit will be added shortly as soon as you have registered.

In case of difficulty on availing this feature, just let me know.

Sample Picture:


Introduction Video Link:

Note: The above Add-on is exclusive for Mozilla Firefox. Hence, it’s of vital importance that you must have one !!!!