“Bomb”ay – Follow – up

Posted: December 26, 2008 in Current Affairs

Thirty days are well and truly over. We can not come out  of  the nightmare. The nightmare needs no introduction. Bombay is back to the business. Normal life “seems to be” back. The entire Nation is still shocked. I can tell you.

What followed after the nightmare was even worse. There were innumerable word wars from both sides. The “neighbor” country claims that they are innocent. They constantly flip-flopped their words which ranges from Mr.Nawaz Sherif to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. We are still negotiating !!!!

The horrible times Mumbai people went through were not properly understood by “Security-guarded population” ! Our Country’s strategical responses should not be outsourced to United States !

War is the need of the hour. Pundits may come up with financial statistics. to contradict. But, sorry Pundits ! India’s dignity and security can not be taken for granted ! Hence, we must initiate war and we have every reason to do so !

Dear Government, The entire Nation is with you. Please make us proud !

Jai Hind !

  1. Sam says:

    I do not support your view that we should initiate a War with our neighbours.

    What makes you think that act will save India’s dignity?

    What will be the difference between them and us if we start a war with them because we caught some infiltrators from there land? Tightening of security, I agree. But initiating a war is totally uncivilized and uncalled for. Defending our nation, I agree.. but starting a war ourselves and putting our whole nation in danger, I do not.

    • Srivathsan says:

      Dear Mr.Sam,

      We are equipped with the so-called security. But, what happened in Bombay was atrocious and absolute inhuman. Initiating war is certainly a permanent solution to remain civilized. This is exactly what every other country would have reacted. Thanks for reading and commenting.



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